Thursday, April 22, 2021

Getting Spring & Summer Ready


Good Morning! I wanted to get a new post out to you before i head outside to plant more bulbs! We've been working hard here on some projects; the largest being our new larger patio. We had a brick patio we put in back in 1995 but decided the time had come to refresh the backyard with a new patio of pavers. The work began last week moving bushes and redesigning the shape. My husband is doing the job with one of his laborers from our company and they are breezing right through it making a lot of progress. Here are some photos of the  new shape. That's sand covering the new design. Soon the pavers will go in! Very excited. 

So we are transplanting some bushes, buying some new ones. It's going to be very pretty! We go to our favorite wholesale grower for the bulk of our plant and flower purchases. We visited Sunday to choose what we want to get for this Summer,

I could just spend a fortune on flowers! I really could. I love them so much.This grower has an awesome selection and he knows we will be coming so he always throws in something special for me! I'm just laughing though because we have this one pesky rabbit who likes to eat our flowers and he has become my husband's nemesis. This rabbit came last year and ate alot of our New Guinea Impatiens. Once again, he's sitting in my neighbor's driveway just waiting...every day we see him. He's waiting for the flower buffet to begin!! Last year my husband sprayed the flowers with a spray that doesn't harm the animals; it just repels them. Well it smelled like wet dog!!! LOL It repelled us more than the bunnies! We'll try something new this year perhaps a home remedy. I've heard grated Irish Spring soap works!

I hope everyone is getting to enjoy the outdoors . I know some had snow still coming! It's cold here today! but we will back to the 60's and low 70's by next weekend. I have all the bulbs planted. This year I even planted fern bulbs. I never did those before.  I planted red cannas, red & yellow cannas, elephant ears, ferns, and three types of lillies. I also planted onion bulbs in my vegetable garden. When I go to Lancaster this Summer, there is a garden center that sells a huge variety of bulbs. I'm interested in some that bloom for the Fall. 

I'm awaiting the release of Amy Clipston's next, and I believe final,  installment of her awesome Amish series "Amish Marketplace." It's called The Jam & Jelly Nook   and comes out May 4th! I havbe loved tis series, which started with The Bake Shop. It's as though it takes place in the Bird in Hand Farmer's Market! The other books in the series are The Coffee Corner and The Farm Stand. Jam & Jelly Nook comes out soon!

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  1. Your new patio will be amazing. I love plants too; and we have the same bunny problem here. Why are they so darn cute but so destructive? I wish you good luck with your plantings both flowers and garden. Thanks for sharing about the Amish books. I love to read those too. Will look into getting some.

    1. I know! Rabbits are the cutest. Believe me I'd never hurt the little fella! Just want him to move to my vegetable garden! I don't mind sparing some veggies!

  2. You will surely enjoy that big patio. What a great nursery. I would definitely end up buying too many plants there!